Engagement Photos

Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_066Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_008Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_011Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_029

Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_034Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_054Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_021Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_055Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_074Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_098Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_088Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_115Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_083Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_105Kathleen&Angelo _to_print_104

Here are some of the many photographs taken by James Broadbent. We had an incredible time during the shoot. As this is our first time, in eight years, to have photos of us taken professionally, it felt like a daunting task. James, however, ensured that we were comfortable enough to not even notice the cameras at work.

Special Thanks to: James Broadbent of James Broadbent Photography

Debbie Delgado MUA

Photoshoot Location: Cornwall Park, Epsom, Auckland

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