About Us

Hi there!

Whether you ended up here by choice or by mere coincidence, WELCOME! 🙂 I (Kay) started this blog mainly to share some details, particularly about traveling to New Zealand, to our wedding guests. Since most of them are coming from different parts of the globe, I decided that making a compilation of the essential pieces of information about New Zealand would be somewhat helpful. We decided to just continue blogging about our travels, food, hobbies, and anything that we find interesting.

Jointhetravellingpair has been in existence for some years now. I have started a blog when we were still in the Philippines, http://www.jointhetravellingpair.blogspot.com, but have not been active in updating the site (and transferring the blogs to WordPress seems like a grueling task). However, the page is still live (but outdated), so feel free to browse thru the site as you might find some helpful ideas or information for your travels.

As you go through the pages and please click “like” if you like what you see or “follow” if you want to read more about our future travels.

Follow us on Instagram: @jointhetravellingpair
Watch our travel videos on YouTube: Join The Travelling Pair.


All information and photos found in this blog are owned by the writers, Join the Travelling Pair – Kay and Gelo, unless stated as borrowed.

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