The North Island Road Trip

Planning a trip for a family of 20 is not easy, but it was worth it. It was a week-long adventure after our wedding day. Although it didn’t begin on time, we had to forego the trip to Tutukaka Coast because of the unpleasant weather, it was still an experience that we will always be thankful for.

Day 1: Matakana and Goat Island
Day 2: Hamilton Gardens and Hobbiton
Day 3: Rotorua
Day 4: Rotorua
Day 5: Tongariro National Park
Day 6: Waitomo Caves

* Watch in HD.

Camera: Go Pro Hero 4

Editing Software: GoPro Studio


Our Fairytale.

We started out as school mates, then classmates, then friends, then best friends, then confidantes, then lovers, then partners, and now legally life-long partners (or simply, married 😉 )

We were blessed to have our families, friends, and colleagues with us on our big day. And it felt more complete with the presence of the videographers and photographers from JETMO PROJECT and Ralph Bella Photography. We were confident that, despite the fact that everything was happening so fast, we will still get the chance to look back and reminisce through the videos and photos.

We cannot rave enough as to how the final products were professionally captured and artistically produced, and as to how friendly and helpful both teams were.

So again, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

And now, presenting the cinematic highlights of our simply perfect wedding day. 😉


The Artist in Gelo

Wedding preparations are incredibly time-consuming and stressful, mainly because you want everything to be perfect. Being away from home (the Philippines) made it much more challenging because of the limited resources; thus, forcing us to think of a unique and creative option for one of the most important element of the wedding, the THANK YOU GIFTS.

Our guest list comprised roughly of 40 guests (mostly family and friends) so I decided that it was more fitting to give them a very personal gift. An idea sprung to my mind when I remembered Gelo’s love for art. I ended up asking him to paint.

Here are some of the paintings that he worked on for five or so months. No two paintings are alike. And to make it more personalized, Gelo and I wrote thank you notes at the back of the canvas.

Presenting, Gelo’s works of art (THANK YOU BABE!):


Have a colorful day everyone!

Safe Travels!

Kay & Gelo

Our Heartfelt Thanks

It has almost been three weeks since we tied the knot, our families who have travelled for miles are heading back home one by one, we are about to go back to our normal routine (which means back to work), but we still haven’t thanked every single person who celebrated with us (both physically and spiritually).

Our big thanks to everyone who attended our big day including our immediate families, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, and workmates; to those who sent their well-wishes through letters, text, Viber, and Facebook messages; and especially to those who helped before, during, and after the wedding, we appreciate all your time and effort in making October 29, 2015 extra special.

We love you all.

Kay & Gelo

Kay & Gelo